NBA Basketball Betting

NBA betting is one of the more long, grind it out, types of sports betting that you’ll find out there. The obvious reason for this has to be that the NBA season is such a long, drawn out year, and is a major grind. There’s nothing more exciting than the amount of bets that you’ll have available almost every single night in the NBA, as there are games from the word go in the NBA season. When you bet on basketball though, you do need to be very careful, because with so many options to bet on, and many, many ways to bet, you may quickly realize that you are looking at risking a good chunk of your bankroll! This just means that you need to be careful with your bet sizing, and also make sure that you are only going with your favorite bets.

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NBA Spread and Moneyline Betting

NBA bets end up being very similar to NFL betting. The reason for this is because the main focus of bettors is on the sports betting line. Most basketball bets and talks about games are going to relate to how much one team is favored by. Also, just like in the NFL, if a team is “-4” for example, then they are expected to win by four points. If you bet them then they have to win by more than four to win your bet, or if they win by exactly four then you push. Spread betting is what’s really followed, but you do have the option to bet a team on the moneyline with worse odds.

Now, obviously the odds of betting a team on the moneyline if they are a favorite in NBA betting typically won’t payout well, unless a team is -1 or something, but at that point it’s really not even worth the bet. The best shot that you’ll have when you bet on basketball to take a team on the moneyline is probably the underdog, as you can get some good odds on your bet. Don’t go crazy with underdog betting, as you should only take the teams who have the best angles on them.

Basketball Totals Betting

Total bets rank a close second in the NBA in terms of betting types. You can find some great angles to bet on totals in the NBA, and there are many things that you can look for. Finding two defensive minded teams may equal up to a nice spot at betting the under in an NBA game, but you have to watch the number because at times those totals can get a bit low. On the opposite side of things, if you are looking at betting an over in a game where two teams are incredibly high scoring teams, then the total may be too high to make it a reasonable bet.

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NBA Basketball Betting:  Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers&h=215&w=316&zc=1

NBA Basketball Betting: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

Added on June 13, 2016 , in NBA Picks

The most interminable NBA Finals series in history drags on to Game Six. The NBA ‘bookers’ apparently thought that the Cleveland LeBrons deserved more than one win in the series so the Cavs won Game Five and we go back …

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NBA Future and Prop Betting

When you bet on basketball, these are probably two of the most interesting types of bets on the board. Before the season you can bet on futures bets that will give you the chance to bet on things like which team will win the NBA Championship, which teams will win the Eastern and Western Conferences, and even which player will win things like the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and more. Futures bets have great odds if you can hit them, but the best time (and sometimes the only time) to make them is before the season begins, so you'll have to wait to get paid out until the end of the year if you win.

Prop bets on the other side can be done each day and can include things like how many points a player will score, or how many points + assists a player will have. The prop bets can really get pretty crazy with a ton of them on the board. You can also do NBA prop bets such as betting on the win totals for teams before the year begin, and these are normally total bets that are just year long options. Prop bets can actually be some of the best NBA bets that are offered sometimes.

Tips for NBA Betting

Basketball betting can be fun, but it can be a grind. The season is 82 games long, plus there are multiple NBA Playoff series' to bet on. You need to be smart with your money when you bet, and also make sure that you aren't betting on anything just to have action. Find the best bets available on the board and get your money down on those. Also, base your bet sizing on the amount of money in your bankroll. The last thing that I would recommend is to pay attention to the angles. This includes things like watching teams who are great at home, or who play well against that specific opponent, etc.