NBA Betting Picks: Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks

NBA Betting Picks:  Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks

The Indiana Pacers will try to recover from a horrible playoff loss as they play Game 4 against the Atlanta Hawks at Phillips Arena. The Hawks had been sleepwalking through the end of the regular season and the first two games of this series but they woke up with a vengeance in Game 3. Atlanta came out focused and intense and ran away with the game, winning 90-69 in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indicates. Now the question is this–has Atlanta ‘woken up’ and made this into a series or was this a one game abberation?

Indiana has been a solid team for a number of years now but they have exhibited a strange tendency to struggle against the Hawks in Atlanta. This is somewhat strange–on paper the Pacers are the type of team that *should* play well on the road and moreover the Hawks may have the most negligible home court advantage in the NBA. They rank #26 in league attendance and even when fans do show up they’re not exactly passionate for the home team. It’s not uncommon for a good percentage of the crowd to be transplants from another city and in attendance to support the Hawks’ opponent. None of that seems to matter in this series–dating back to 1997 the Hawks have won 22 of 33 games going 20-13 ATS. In the past three years, the Pacers struggles have been even worse–Atlanta is 6-0 SU/5-1 ATS in that stretch.

The Pacers are +1′ point underdogs in this game and that’s a pointspread situation in which they’ve performed very poorly. As a road underdog of 3 or less this season they’re a pitiful 1-9 SU/ATS. The Pacers were in a position to put the boots to the Hawks with a Game 3 victory and could have clinched the series against a team that hasn’t shown much emotional fortitude this season. Instead they’ve now got a revitalized and confident opponent on their hands. We’ll look for Atlanta to even the series with a win in Game 4 as the Pacers’ woes at Phillips Arena continues. If they can’t steal a victory here or (if necessary) in Game 6 this series is looking more and more like it’ll go the full 7 games.