NFL Football Betting

NFL betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting that you’ll find in the world today. Why you ask? Well, a large part of it definitely has to do with the hype that surrounds the NFL and football betting in general. The build-up to an NFL season is always something that the NFL fans consistently follow, and it gets us excited and ready to jump into some NFL betting right when the season gets underway. Even futures betting is a great option for us, and below we are going to break down the types of NFL bets, as well as some strategy behind betting on football that can help you make some money. There are many things to consider, and also ways that you need to manage your bankroll in order to make money over the long haul.

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Money Management in NFL

Football betting, just like anything in sports betting, requires a ton of money management in order to make money over the long haul of the regular season and the playoffs. You always want to base the amount of money that you are betting on the NFL, on how much money that you have in your bankroll. For example, if you have $200 in your bankroll, betting $20 per game is not a good idea, because there are absolutely going to be swings. NFL bets can be very hit or miss, and you can lose some heartbreakers and hit a downswing. If this happens, you need to be prepared in a way that the losses don’t destroy your sports betting bankroll.

Futures NFL Bets

To start off the NFL season and your NFL betting, you are going to want to take an in-depth look at futures betting. The reason for this is that there can really be some great options for the futures bets. Futures betting extends outside of just betting on a team to win the Super Bowl or to win the NFC or the AFC though. You can bet on things like a teams over/under on total wins and players to win awards also. These types of bets can give you some pretty solid odds if you were to bet them before the season, but waiting into the season can diminish those odds quite a bit.

Football Spread and Moneyline Betting

When you bet on football, the most popular type of bet on the board is going to be the spread. Even the folks on ESPN are going to talk about the spread of NFL games, and this is what gives you an idea of how much better the sportsbooks and creators of the lines out there think that one team is over the other. For example, if a team is +7 it means that they are expected to lose by a touchdown that week, and if you bet them and they lose by less than seven then you’ll win your bet. If they lose by more than seven then you lose your bet, and if it lands right on a touchdown then you’ll get your money back.

Moneyline betting on the other side is something you don’t see happen quite as often in the NFL as you do in some other sports. The reason for this is that if a team is -2 or -2.5, which is short of a “key number” like -3 (favored by three) then you are likely to bet them at -2 or -2.5 so that you don’t have to lose anymore in terms of the odds. Betting them at -2 may be odds of -110, while betting them on the moneyline may be something like -140 possibly. Moneyline bets simply mean that you are betting a team to win the game outright, no if’s ands or buts about it.


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NFL Totals Betting

After betting on the spread, total betting is the second most popular type of bet that you can make on the NFL. The total is simply the projected number of points that we expect to see the two teams score in the game combined. If you pick the over on that number, then you should hope for a lot of scoring, and if you pick the under, then hope for a whole lot of defense. Something like the weather can definitely play a factor in total betting when looking at NFL bets, because if you have a high total and there's a snowstorm coming to town, looking at the under may be smart in many situations.

NFL Prop Bets

Last but definitely not least is prop betting. Prop betting can be done week by week when you bet on the NFL, and it either relates to specific players or a specific game. You can bet on the total number of points that a team will score, or you can choose a range of how much a team will win by that will give you fairly good odds if you can hit. In terms of player props, taking the over/under on a quarterbacks passing yards or running backs rushing yards is one option, and sometimes you can find situations where two quarterbacks are up against each other and there is a spread on the total number of yards between the two. For example, Peyton Manning may be -6.5 yards against Tom Brady, so he's favored to out-pass Brady by 6.5 yards.

NFL betting is a ton of fun, and it single handedly can make your Sunday's go from exciting, to over the top exciting. You do need to be careful to not get overwhelmed with the huge cards that are out every Sunday, as this can be a good way to just have too much action going at once, and you could find yourself betting "just to have action", which you should never do.