NHL Hockey Betting: Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins

NHL Hockey Betting:  Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins

Four of the eight playoff spots have been clinched in the Eastern Conference but there are five teams trying to get into the remaining four positions. Tampa Bay and the New York Islanders are really ‘above the fray’ at this point–both have 95 points which puts them 4 points up on two of the remaining teams and 5 up on the Boston Bruins. So in reality there are three teams playing for two spots with a total of 1 point separating them. The Boston Bruins are one of these teams and are currently on the outside looking in. At the moment the Detroit Red Wings are in third place in the Atlantic Division with the Bruins 1 point back in fourth. This is significant because the third place team gets a ‘guaranteed’ playoff spot. It also means that if the Bruins win in regulation they’d take over the Red Wings spot (at least until tomorrow night when Detroit plays again). To make things all the more entertaining, Detroit would then be tied with Philadelphia for the remaining wild card spot–and guess who the Wings will be playing tomorrow?

This could all be ‘much ado about nothing’ because the Boston Bruins are back to their old ‘good on the road/bad at home’ dichotomy. Boston is a woeful 16-17-5 at the TD Garden–that gives them for the third worst home record in the league. Only Vancouver and Toronto have won fewer home games and they’re nowhere near the playoffs. The mitigating factor for the Bruins is their 25-13-3 road record which is third best in the league behind only San Jose and Washington. They’ve been in generally bad form lately with 7 losses in 10 games.

Carolina has been a pretty scrappy team all season and they’re 3-3-4 in their last 10 games. This is the third meeting between the teams this season and the previous two games shook out the way you figured they would–Carolina won 3-2 in the Bruins’ rink on March 10 while the Bruins beat the ‘canes in Raleigh on February 26. The biggest issue with this game is price–can you lay -210 with one of the worst home ice teams in the league? Nope–that’s why we’re on the dog.