Soccer Betting: International Friendlies for May 27-28, 2014

Soccer Betting:  International Friendlies for May 27-28, 2014

Plenty of International soccer exhibitions over the next couple of weeks as teams prepare for the World Cup.


This is essentially a home game for the USA with the game being played in San Francisco. Most of the team USA talk of late has been about coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s omission of Landon Donovan from the roster. The Americans will instead ‘go young’ and feature Jermaine Jones, DaMarcus Beasley and Clint Dempsey. The USA has a loss and a draw in their last two games and this looks like a made to order opportunity for them to get back on the winning track. The other two ‘friendlies’ they’ll play before the World Cup–against Turkey and Nigeria–should be just as easy. Azerbaijan is the #85 team in the FIFA rankings while the USA is #14. There is at least some connection between the two teams–the Azerbaijan coach is former German player and coach Berti Vogts who coached the US’s Klinsmann for a couple of years. And in one of those ‘only in soccer’ oddities Vogts is on the team USA payroll as an ‘advisor’ despite serving as the coach for Azerbaijan. This has more to do with the level of soccer in Azerbaijan relative to the USA than any sort of duplicity or conflict of interest.

Simply put, Azerbaijan is qualitatively inferior to the US in terms of talent. During their World Cup qualifying games they won only once against 4 losses and 6 draws. They are generally a tough team that tries hard but simply doesn’t have the talent on offense to compete with superior opponents. That looks to be the case here. Klinsmann has clearly set up the USA warm up schedule for the World Cup to get the teams some victories and he no doubt hopes that an impressive showing here will help change the media’s focus away from the Donovan situation. This looks like a game that the USA can win in a rout.



Mexico just barely managed to qualify for World Cup play and they appear to be using the same strategy as the USA team–trying to gain confidence and continuity by playing overmatched opponents. Mexico is the #19 team in the FIFA rankings while Israel is #78 and this contest will be held on the Mexicans’ home field at Estadio Azteca. This is also going to be a very emotional celebration for the Mexico team. This is the ‘retirement match’ for one of Mexico’s best players ever, striker Cuauhtemoc Blanco. He’ll likely get the start in the game and should get a very enthusiastic sendoff. Israel has 3 losses and 3 draws in their last six matches and look completely overmatched against a motivated Mexico team.