MLB Baseball Betting

We can sit here and say that NBA betting and NHL betting is a grind since they have the 82 game seasons plus the playoffs. With that being said though, nothing at all is like MLB betting. The MLB regular season is 162 games long, and it can absolutely be a major grind to bet throughout the season. If you aren’t careful then you won’t be able to outlast the downswings that do happen when you bet on any sport, since the season is so long. The good news though, is that there are definitely things to consider and some strategy that will help you make money when you bet on the MLB.

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Baseball Betting Types

There are multiple different types of baseball betting options on the board, and the main one is actually going to be the moneyline bet. The moneyline bet is just betting on a team to win the game, and you’ll find that these odds are going to move around quite a bit, really depending on the match-up and which pitchers are going for teach team. There is going to be a spread on the game, but one team will be favored by -1.5 run and the other is +1.5. The same idea stands though for the spread, as the odds will move around when betting on the spread of an MLB game.

Total betting is another great option, and you’ll see some movement in the totals of MLB games. You’ll likely see numbers anywhere from six to 10 runs when you bet on baseball. That will also depend on which pitchers are going in the game, and if pitchers are struggling then you’ll see a higher total bet. You also have the option to bet on a game for the first five innings, so if a team has a great starting pitcher, but doesn’t have a great bullpen, then that could be a great option on the board. You can also find futures bets and prop bets on the list of different options for MLB betting.

MLB Betting Strategy and Tips

The main strategy for betting on baseball is to remember that this is a grind. The season is incredibly long, and you need to make sure that you are betting on your top bets only. Also, the angles and strategies that you should really consider are going to relate to how well teams have done recently and how badly teams have played as of late. The same thing can be said about pitchers, because teams are going to go through hot and cold streaks, and hitting the right times to bet against them is very important. Also, you really need to be careful about betting odds when you bet on baseball. What this means is that if a stud pitcher is going, you may see odds of somewhere around -200 or even higher, and at some point it’s really just not worth even making that bet!


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Pitching Match-ups

I can't say enough about looking at pitching match-ups as a key angle for baseball betting. Some pitchers just really don't do well against specific opponents, while other pitchers will excel against a specific opponent. This is all something that you need to research and make sure that you're aware of. This may be your best betting angle when you bet on the MLB, and you can actually target games on the schedule as the season rolls on.

Bonuses and Perks for Baseball Betting

You'll find that once the season is about to start, or when the postseason is about to begin, there could be some great bonuses and perks that are offered from sports betting sites. Not all betting sites are going to offer you different bonuses or perks for baseball season specifically, but if you can find a site that does give you something for the lead up to baseball season and when the playoffs begin, then you should never be turning away the chance for some free money or even prizes!

Baseball betting is a big time grind, but it's also something that you can make a good amount of money in if you can get into a groove and start finding the right angles consistently. Just look for the spots, take the time to do research, and you'll do just fine betting on baseball this coming season!