MLB Baseball Betting: Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves

MLB Baseball Betting:  Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves

Both of these teams started the season in poor form and promptly took a nose dive into the toilet. The Atlanta Braves have taken up residence there while the Cincinnati Reds are trying to pull themselves out. That’s a hopeful sign and something you haven’t seen from recent vintage Reds teams. The modus operandi of the Cincinnati Reds for much of the last decade had the team starting the season treading water, making a run in the six to eight weeks before the All Star Break and slumping afterwards throwing in the towel on the season by mid August. The Reds’ primary issue this season has been play on the road and while their overall performance has improved that’s still a problem. Pending the outcome of the game in progress on Wednesday night (tied 6-6 in the 11th as I write this) the Braves have gone 9-4 +8.1 units in the month of June yet their road record remains 9-20 -8 units.

Of course there are few things *better* for a substandard road record than a trip to the ATL. At one point this would be dismissed as ‘crazy talk’ but the Braves have completely gone off the rails. Atlanta started the year losing their first nine games and 17 of their first 21. Things haven’t improved since and if anything they’ve gotten worse. After their 0-9 start Atlanta went on a four game losing streak before losing the next 8. Since then, they haven’t won more than two games in a row. Here’s the strange part–the Braves are 11-19 on the road which is bad but not disastrous. That translates to a loss of just over two units. At home they’ve become the proverbial ‘grease fire’. Try 7-27 -18.9 units at Turner Field–not really the way they wanted to close the stadium before the move out to Southern Cobb County and their new digs (SunTrust Park) next season.

Pretty simple handicap here. We’re able to go against the worst team in baseball against a team showing improvement at a reasonable price. The Reds aren’t the Chicago Cubs by a long stretch but they should be able to close this four game series with a win.