NBA Basketball Betting: Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

NBA Basketball Betting:  Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

If there is a merciful God, the NBA basketball season will end here. The Warriors have a chance to eliminate the Cleveland Cavaliers who were back to their usual ways after a win in Game Three. The Cavs stood around, LeBron whined, LeBron whined some more and the Warriors took their Eastern Conference rivals back behind the woodshed for another double digit victory.

The NBA is in pretty sad shape at the moment. There are 29 teams that are varying degrees of above or below mediocre–and the Golden State Warriors. The realization that the Cleveland Cavaliers is the best that the Eastern Conference has is a sobering reality. LeBron and his cohorts have nothing for Golden State and no amount of NBA league office favoritism or ESPN boosterism can change that. The Warriors are the better team and it’s not even close.

And that explains the borderline comical reaction the Cavs have had to the eventuality that they will lose this series. LeBron played the ‘wahhh he disrespected me’ card again, this time against Draymond Green who apparently didn’t grovel sufficiently for Bron-Bron. Cleveland coach Tyrone Lue–who looks completely overwhelmed and befuddled in this series–took a strange step in postgame interviews suggesting that LeBron *isn’t* the beneficiary of NBA favoritism and doesn’t ‘get calls’. He also went with the John Belushi in ‘Animal House’ strategy proclaiming “If you don’t think we can win, don’t get on the plane.” It’s ‘not over until WE say it is’, right Tyrone?

Here’s all you need to know about the effectiveness of pushing those buttons with the Cavs. This season they’re 3-8 ATS after a loss by 10+ points. Meanwhile, the Warriors have been monstrous as a home favorite of 6.5 to 9 points with a record of 11-1 SU/9-3 ATS. The Warriors are so superior in every phase of the game it’s not even funny. If this series was a prize fight the referring would be stopping the action and giving Golden State a TKO victory. On paper, the pointspread should be a concern. In reality, it isn’t. Every game in this series–including Cleveland’s Game Three win–has been decided by double digits.