NFL Draft Prop Bets

NFL Draft Prop Bets

The NFL’s annual cross-your-fingers-and-hope-you-pick-the-right-guys extravaganza known as the Draft kicks off in primetime on Thursday night. Stay tuned for three days of talking heads and supposed pundits tossing out terms like “intangibles,” “bender,” “high motor,” and “workout warrior.” The not so hidden truth about the draft is that the Todd McShays and Mike Mayocks of the world are simply making educated guesses. Any general manager or head coach worth his salt would never reveal his team’s actual intentions. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to take a stab at who might go where. Here are just some of the prop bets for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Will Jadeveon Clowney be drafted first overall?

YES -500

NO +300

Despite questions about his passion for the game, Clowney is clearly the best prospect available. Unless they are overwhelmed by a trade offer, Houston is very likely to snatch the ex-Gamecock.

How many QBs will be drafted in the 1st round?


This is an interesting one if you believe the numerous reports that Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel are tumbling down draft boards. Blake Bortles is a lock to go somewhere on Day 1 with Derek Carr possibly joining him.

How many defensive players will be drafted in 1st round?


With zero running backs graded as opening round talents and the quarterbacks being a major risk, expect a glut of pass rushers and defensive backs to come off the board on Thursday. That said, the deep wide receiver class could have six or more hear their names called.

Will Johnny Manziel be drafted in the top 5?

YES -215

NO +175

All the teams in the top 5 need a quarterback, but Cleveland is the one most linked to Manziel. If he does slide, Tampa at 7 could grab him, since Mike Glennon appears to have fallen out of favor with the new regime. Is Manziel’s unorthodox style a benefit or a hindrance? That’s what every team must decide.

Will Michael Sam be drafted?

YES -140

NO +110

If he didn’t “come out,” no one would care when or if Sam was drafted. As a prospect, he isn’t big enough to be a defensive end, and isn’t quick enough to be an OLB in a 3-4 alignment. He’s still probably worth a Day 3 pick, though.

Will Eagles fans boo their first-round pick?


BOO 13/5

The Philly faithful will never live down raining jeers on Donovan McNabb way back in 1999. Truth is, some Birds backers boo because they know the Radio City cameras will show them on the TV. Truth is, they could draft Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack and some moron would boo. Gotta love Philly.

Will Mr. Irrelevant play offense or defense?



It’s a coin flip, folks? If you’re still watching by the time the last pick is announced, you are hardcore. As such, you might as well make it interesting by tossing some money at this one. But what if he’s a punter?