NFL Football Betting: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

NFL Football Betting:  Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

It wasn’t too long ago that this game would have been considered a likely blowout. That is no longer the case. To paraphrase noted football analyst Bob Dylan ‘the times they are a changing’. Indianapolis is looking very mediocre this season. At 4-5 they’re still in the playoff hunt in the AFC South but that’s due to the overall parity in the division and not anything they’ve done. They’re currently looking up at two teams–the Houston Texans in first place with a 6-3 record and today’s opponent in second place with a 5-5 record.

It might be premature to suggest that the Tennessee Titans are a good football team or that they’ve ‘turned the corner’. It is accurate to say that they’re better than they used to be. They opened their season 0-2 but have won 4 of 6 since and are coming off an impressive home victory over Green Bay (47-25). Marcus Mariota is figuring out how to play football in the NFL and he’s been getting good play from the rest of the offense. The defense is still way too porous and the team essentially relies on Mariota and the offense to outscore opponents. Most of the time they’ve done a decent job at it.

Indianapolis is coming off a bye week following a 31-26 win over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. That victory says a lot more about how far the Packers have fallen in recent weeks than it does anything about the Colts. The Colts have a ridiculous number of injuries right now while the Titans are fairly healthy across the board. Indianapolis’ biggest issues have been the lack of a dependable rushing attack (only two games over 105 yards rushing)and poor pass protection. That has made things difficult for Andrew Luck and *his* porous defense (#30 in the NFL in yards against per game) makes it even worse.

It’s becoming apparent that the Colts will have to do some serious rebuilding after this season. Luck is as good as any quarterback in football but that doesn’t mean he’s Superman. Even the best quarterback needs pass protection, some possession and big play receivers and a capable running game. He also needs a defense that doesn’t force him to score 30 points a game to win. Tennessee is getting better every week and they should get revenge for the earlier loss to the Colts in Nashville.