Super Bowl XLIX Odds

Super Bowl XLIX Odds

The 2014 NFL playoff participants are set. Beginning this weekend, a dozen teams will begin their quest to hoist the coveted Lombardi Trophy and lay claim to victors of Super Bowl XLIX. There are a lot of usual suspects competing for the honor with a couple of new kids looking to shock the world. The journey to the mountaintop never goes as expected and with parity leveling the playing field more so than previous years, there is no such thing as a clear-cut favorite. Here are the early odds for winning the Big Game.

New England Patriots 5/2 – Closed out the season winning ten of twelve to lock down the AFC’s top seed. Haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2004, but the two defeats since then came at the hands of Eli Manning and the Giants. With Big Blue sitting the tourney out, the Pats should be a trendy pick to win it all. The offense is potent and the defense does a solid job of keeping opponents out of the end zone. Despite their recent postseason flops, hard not to like Brady and Belichick.

Seattle Seahawks 5/2 – After losing to the Chiefs in Week 11, some pundits were penning the obit for the defending champs. The defense was banged up and struggling and the passing game was abysmal. Six wins by double-digits later and everyone is suddenly scrambling for seats on the Seahawks bandwagon. Dallas beat them at home and the Packers are eager for another shot, so claiming the NFC won’t be easy. That said, this team is clicking in all three phases at the right time.

Green Bay Packers 11/2 – The conference’s number two seed and the would-be MVP make the Pack a legit threat to seize their second championship in five years. They own the league’s highest scoring offense, but struggled mightily on the road against elite defenses, losing to Seattle, Detroit, and Buffalo. A rematch with the ‘Hawks seems destined to happen if the football gods have anything to say about it.

Denver Broncos 6/1 – Denver is kinda sorta lying in the weeds. Peyton Manning has looked like crap for a month, but the running game is getting the job done, and the defense is forcing turnovers at opportune times. Counting out Peyton is foolish, plus the entire franchise is motivated to exorcise the demons from last February. It seems better for this team not to be everyone’s pick. Makes them more dangerous, not to mention attractive from a betting perspective.

Dallas Cowboys 8/1 – At first glance, these odds seem off. It’s almost as if Vegas is handing them undeserved respect because they are the Cowboys. Then again, the ‘Boys are smashing teams of late. Romo and Dez have been unstoppable for a month and the no-name defense just finds ways to pester opposing defenses. Big D is 8-0 on the road and will in all probability have to beat both the Packers and Seahawks to reach Glendale. That’s a tall order for a franchise with one playoff victory since 1997. At 10/1 or 12/1 they are worth a look, but not at this number.

Pittsburgh 12/1 – If Le’Veon Bell wasn’t hurt, the Steelers would be the team to lay big money on. They have a two-time winning quarterback, a coach who’s taken them to two Bowls, and the league’s most terrifying running back-wide receiver combo in Bell and Antonio Brown; the former totaled over 2200 yards and snagged 83 balls, while the latter led the league in receptions and yards. If they can dispose of the hated Ravens and get Bell back for the divisional round, look out.

Colts 30/1 – Andrew Luck is great, but he’s not a superhero.

Baltimore, Carolina, Cincinnati 40/1 – Wouldn’t be shocked in the least if all three won this weekend.

Detroit Lions 50/1 – Cowboys are vulnerable at home and the Lions are strong in defending the run, so an upset is very possible. Beyond that, no way.

Arizona Cardinals 75/1 – What might’ve been if Carson Palmer hadn’t torn his ACL.