Confederations Cup Preview: Spain vs. Brazil

Confederations Cup Preview:  Spain vs. Brazil

We focus on the big US betting sports most of the time but the reality is that soccer is by far the most popular betting sport worldwide. Sports betting is estimated to be a $2 billion a day/$1 trillion a year business worldwide and the majority of the betting action is on what is called ‘football’ in the rest of the world but what we call ‘soccer’ in the US. While the Super Bowl is the biggest single day betting event in North America it is dwarfed internationally by the Champions League Final.

The Confederations Cup might not be quite as huge of an event as the Champions League Final but it’s definitely up there. It’s held every four years and is a tournament for the champions of the various International soccer confederations. The finals take place today and not surprisingly it’ll be a matchup of a pair of international soccer heavyweights as Spain and Brazil go head to head. The game will take place at Maracana Stadium in Brazil, which will be the site of the 2014 World Cup Final–and also giving the Brazilians something of a home field advantage. We say only ‘something’ of a home field advantage because it’ll take more than that to beat Spain, one of the most talented and disciplined soccer clubs in the world. If Brazil was hoping on a weak willed foe to come unglued in the final game before their raucous fans Spain is one of the worst possible draws.

The game itself is pretty much a coin flip but we lean toward Spain for a couple of reasons. First, there is a flip side to home field advantage and that is pressure. Brazil may be feeling a lot more of it than Spain and it could manifest itself in their play. That could also exacerbate our second factor–Brazil has plenty of offensive talent but haven’t always been good in playing smart tactical soccer. This really manifests itself on the defensive end and it’s easy to see Spain picking up a goal or two on a counterstrike after Brazil’s offense is caught too far down field. Bottom line–we expect an exciting, end to end match and we’ll bet accordingly.