World Cup Betting: Germany vs. USA

World Cup Betting:  Germany vs. USA

World Cup action for Thursday will feature a very important Group G matchup between the United States and Germany. Germany is currently leading the group but even so has not ‘officially’ secured advancement to the knockout stage. The USA is also unsure of their fate after their late 2-1 lead over Portugal was wiped out by a goal in the waning seconds of stoppage time and they were forced to settle for a 2-2 tie.

So here are the scenarios for both teams–the best result for both would be a draw which would give Germany first place and the USA second place meaning both advance. If Ghana and Portugal draw in their match it will also allow Germany and the US to advance. If the USA wins they’ll win the group with Germany finishing second UNLESS Ghana or Portugal wins big and passes Germany on goal differential. Germany is currently +4 with Ghana -1 and Portugal -4 making it a very unlikely proposition. If Germany wins they’ll win the group and the USA will finish second UNLESS Ghana or Portugal wins and passes them on goal differential. Portugal is favored in their game with Ghana and are ranked much higher in the World FIFA ratings (Portugal #4, Ghana #37) yet are -4 on goal differential so the US and Germany are both in decent shape to advance.

Germany has no players listed with injuries while the US will likely be without striker Jozy Altidore and midfielder DaMarcus Beasley. While some pundits have suggested that both teams should agree–implicitly or explicitly–to a gentlemanly draw which will benefit both that’s unlikely to happen. Both teams like to attack and don’t really have the tactical style or mindset to play for a draw. Several of the US players have experience in the German Bundisliga and since most of Germany’s roster competes in that league that could help. Of course US coach Jurgen Klinsmann was a very good player in Germany for many years–he would be a ‘Hall of Famer’ if they had such a thing.

Ultimately, Germany is the more talented side and should get a hard fought win. The United States is a very good team that caught a bad break so hopefully everything will work out to see them through to the next round.