World Cup Betting Picks: Switzerland vs. Ecudador

World Cup Betting Picks:  Switzerland vs. Ecudador

Group E may not be the toughest group in the World Cup draw but it is arguably the most wide open with three of the four teams having a legitimate chance to win. That also means that one of the three ‘contenders’–France, Switzerland and Ecuador–will be on the outside looking in after the group stage. For that reason none of the teams can afford to take a conservative and tactical approach to the competition. They’ve got to come out looking for the wins where they can get them.

That’s clearly the case in this matchup between Switzerland and Ecuador. Both teams really need to get a win from this game and that mentality definitely favors Switzerland who is the more talented side and certainly the more defensively adept. With France almost certain to win in their opening game against Honduras it puts pressure on both sides to keep pace. France is likely the most talented team in the group (though you have to be mindful of their disastrous performances at the previous two World Cup competitions) which means that the team that wins this game is already in great position to advance to the next round.

Unfortunately for Ecuador that will likely leave them as the ‘odd team out’ as we see Switzerland starting the tournament with a victory here. They’ve got the much better defense of the two teams and they should be able to get some goals with their patient play and counter striking ability. Switzerland has allowed only a single goal in their last 7 World Cup games. Ecuador has some decent offensive talent but lack patience and discipline on both ends of the field. Their defense can be porous at times and that’s a serious liability against a Swiss team that will methodically wait for their opportunity to attack.

The Swiss defense is going to be a headache for every team they face and especially a somewhat overly aggressive Ecuador side. Neither team can afford to ‘start slowly’ due to the parity in this group and that tactically will favor Switzerland. Take the Swiss to win this game.