World Cup Soccer Betting: Brazil vs. Cameroon

World Cup Soccer Betting:  Brazil vs. Cameroon

Group A play concludes on Monday with the host country Brazil facing Cameroon in what is realistically more of a ‘glorified scrimmage’ than a real game. Brazil hasn’t dominated so far in the World Cup but they have put themselves into a position to win their group following a tougher than expected win over Croatia and a hard fought draw against Mexico. With the distinct possibility that they could end up tied with Mexico atop the group they need to focus on goal differential and they’ve got a made-to-order opponent for that here. Cameroon is in the running for the worst team at the 2014 World Cup. They aren’t particularly talented and unlike several other teams with a qualitative talent this advantage they have a horrible attitude and don’t exert much of an effort.

Cameroon made headlines before the World Cup began for refusing to board the plane to Brazil until their bonus scheme was reworked. That tells you just about everything you need to know about this chemistry shy group of malingerers. They’ve lost both of their group games by a combined 5-0 margin which would have been even bigger had Mexico not been unlucky on some easy chances in their 1-0 win over Cameroon. They’ve been disorganized in the middle, impotent on offense and porous on defense. Most problematic–they don’t really seem to care. While some teams in their situation might be tempted to put up a strong effort in their final game out of pride Cameroon will likely be content to go through the motion over 90 minutes so they can go home and collect their check.

Brazil wants a few things from this game in addition to a win–they want an impressive performance to boost their confidence heading into the knockout stage and more importantly need to beef up that goal differential to secure first place. Against a team that doesn’t defend well and couldn’t care less about exerting an effort here there’s no reason they can’t ‘name the score’. Odds on the home win for Brazil are huge but given Cameroon’s porous defense and complete lack of interest we’re not the least bit hesitant to lay the goal handicap in what should be a blowout victory.